Buttermilk Marketing Slogans and Taglines

Have a sip. You’ll simply flip.

Leave everything, have buttermilk.

De Cheers! Buttermilk forever.

Keeps you refreshed from the inside.

Healthy. Tasty.

Our buttermilk does everything it says on the pack, and more.

We empower our buttermilk to empower you.

Drink it. You’ll love it.

Love at first taste.

You just can’t have enough buttermilk.

Open it. Drink it. Forget it.

Buttermilk. Drink different.

Buttermilk. Cause you’re worth it.

Very very tasty tasty.

Concocted to please you.

Your taste buds will yearn for more.

Buttermilk, buttermilk. Simply Silky silk.

Feel the freshness in buttermilk.

Buttermilk for revival.

Goodness in every sip.

Just a little buttermilk won’t do.

Stop yourself from drinking buttermilk.

We bring you all the buttermilk you need.

Buttery. Milky. Watery. Silky.

Drink our buttermilk once and you’ll have a permanent yearning always.

Buttermilk before. Buttermilk after.

Buttermilk drinkers show how good it is.

Every little sip counts.

Get fresher by each sip.

Buttermilk for all.

Advance through our buttermilk tastes.

Flavors of all kinds.

Look! No thirst.

Bet you can’t have just one buttermilk pack.

You’ll simply love it.

Imagination of taste.

The goodness of health in every buttermilk pack.

Immunity though buttermilk.

Farm fresh buttermilk.

Go sip on a buttermilk bottle.

Get some buttermilk now!

Man’s best friend.

Make the can pop. Then you just won’t stop.

Buttermilk makes you stay young.

The secret of beauty. Buttermilk.

The world’s favorite drink.

Buttermilk will make you smile.

A family of fine buttermilks.

Chill your mind, body and soul.

Buttermilk, so soulful.

The king of all drinks. Buttermilk.

We care to make you drink the best of the very best.

Lip smackin’ cool.

The buttermilk the melts your heart.

Interval time. Buttermilk time.

Small, but refreshing.

Buttermilk is the real thing.

Where reality meets your imagination.

We make your drink come true.

Feels like swimming in buttermilk.

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