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Slogans for Potato Chips

Fried with love- served with love

Price is minimum for tasty potato chips

Great snacks begin and end with potato chips

Serious about eating potato chips

Lick your fingers after finishing potato chips

More potato chips, more energy 

Potato chips never leave you

Crispy potato chips packed for you

Yummy potato chips for your family

Want a twist in your lunch- try potato chips

Enjoy tomato flavored potato chips

Flavors are different but chips are only of potato 

Best chips from Best potatoes

Every potato is for potato chips

Pick up the best snacks- potato chips 

The better way to enjoy your life with potato chips 

Salty potato chips for every one

Nothing can stop me from eating potato chips 

Grab it- eat it

No worries- just bite potato chips

Best potato chips for your party

Potato chips are lifetime deal

Start your party with potato chips 

Grab a bag of happiness 

Potato chips – to feel good 

Potato chips – to feel better

Potato chips – to feel royal

Potato chips – to feed your hunger

Potato chips – to connect with friends 

Make new relationships over potato chips 

Eat potato chips, have a happy life

All you need is best potato chips 

Come and have tasty potato chips 

Fun starts with potato chips 

You can’t stop eating potato chips 

Potato chips – great for party snacks

Lucky to have potato chips 

Kids love potato chips

Potato chips can make you go crazy 

Committed to potato chips quality 

Excellent potatoes turn into best chips

Grab a bag of chips guys!

The leading snacks for everyone – potato chips

Experts in baking potato chips

Experienced in making potato chips

No one knows potato chips like us

Yummy yummy tasty food- potato chips

Fried in flavors- potato chips

Leading man of potato chips

Potato chips – Serves better when salted 

If you love potato chips – you will love us

Come hungry- leave with potato chips

Bag full of potato chips

Definitely worth every bite

Do something different- eat potato chips 

Eat potato chips- drink water

Snacks with integrity – potato chips

Potato chips just taste better

Bag full of joy – potato chips

Tastes great again and again with potato chips

Potato chips – Little bite- delicious taste 

You should taste good food- potato chips

Potato chips rank one amongst all other chips

Unwrap the deliciousness- potato chips

We love to see you eat potato chips 

When you are crazy for chips, eat potato chips 

Potato chips, the way for your taste

You crave potato chips

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