Slogans for Potato Chips

Potato chips with the best taste 

Chips are special, only when made from best potatoes 

Everyone love our potato chips

We serve the best for you

Your Hands will search for our potato chips

Another name of taste – our potato chips

Eat them before they run out

Taste beyond awesomeness 

Snacks for every day 

Fresh and crispy in every bite 

Crunching potato chips brings you happiness 

Different flavors for different people 

Only the best we serve

Happiness comes from potato chips 

Potatoes are lucky to become chips!

Crazy for potato chips 

Love for potato chips 

Falling for potato chips?

Dreams of eating potato chips 

Fight for potato chips 

Living for potato chips 

Every one need potato chips 

Sauces are better with potato chips 

Have a crispy crunchy experience

Can you risk your life for potato chips? 

Salt and sweet potato chips 

Party starts with potato chips 

No party without potato chips 

Potato chips – the party maker!

Born to eat potato chips 

I live for potato chips 

Have fun eating potato chips 

Ever tried potato chips for breakfast?

Anytime- potato chips 

Chips made from best potatoes 

Potatoes are born to make chips

Real taste comes from potato chips 

Day starts with potato chips 

Experience the potato chips 

We teach potatoes how to taste awesome 

Future of your party – potato chips 

Light on weight – heavy on taste – potato chips 

Tasting the real potatoes- serving the real potato chips 

We love potatoes only because of potato chips

Why waste potatoes- when we can make potato chips 

Best potato chips made with love

Crush your troubles with a bag of potato chips 

Be smart when choosing best potato chips 

Simple snacks for everyone 

Simpler the better

Tastes good all the time

Get a bag of potato chips

Best in taste as always

Passionate about eating potato chips

Never share your potato chips

We are best in making potato chips

Freshly made-freshly packed-freshly served

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