Earth Slogans

Save your homeplace

No life without the Earth

Make the Earth greener

No birth without Earth

Paint the Earth green

Blue is the color of the Earth

Stop polluting the beauty of the earth

Save the only planet that supports life

There is no alternative to the earth, save it.

Save the Earth.

Protect your home.

Contribute to making your home cleaner.

Help the Earth breathe

Plant trees to keep the Earth fresh

Save the earth

Protect the ecosystems. Protect the Earth.

Make the Earth clean and green

Join the fight to protect the Earth

Save water. Save life. Save our planet.

Stop destroying the greenery around.

Follow the Green Revolution

Protect Mother Nature

Conserve the earth

Stop “Earth Pollution”

Fall in love with the Earth

It is good to love and protect your planet

Smart people think of protecting the Earth

Your actions will save your planet

Don’t let the Earth scream

Get a better life by protecting your Earth

Educate your kids to keep the Earth safe

Whatever be your religion, do not harm the Earth

Secure your future by saving the Earth

You cannot live without the Earth

Earth does not have a second version. Preserve it.

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