Anti Fur Slogans

Fur is not fair

Fur is dead

Compassion is the fashion

Save our furry friends

If you buy, they will die

Real people wear fake fur

Buy fake fur, save a tiger

Fur is the Greed, not the Need

Don’t wear your friends

Are you so ugly that you can’t wear your own skin?

Make compassion, the fashion. Don’t use fur

Cavemen wore fur. Have you evolved?

You can live without fur. Some animals can’t.

Fur: Beautiful on animals, ugly on people

True beauty is cruelty free. Say NO to fur

Love animals, don’t wear them

Wear fake, for the animal’s sake

When the buying of the fur stops, killings too

Are your fancy jackets worth killing a life?

You can still look pretty without wearing a fur

You call it fashion, I call it murder

Fur is worn by beautiful animals and heartless people

Wearing fur is not our need, Don’t kill animals for your greed.

Don’t get caught in the fashion trap, Wearing fur is absolutely crap.

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