Student Council Campaign Slogans

Student Council slogans

(Name) is the best, forget with the rest.

(Name) is the right choice, go ahead, raise your voice!

(Name) The Best, Forget the Rest.

(Name), one name, one legend.

(Name): Because you’re worth it.

2,4,6,8 who do we designate?

2-4-6-8 vote for (Name) don’t hesitate.

A person that cares.

A Vote for Me is a Vote for You, Vote (Name) to Represent You!

A vote works wonders. Vote for (Name).

Bank on me. Will treasure your vote.

Be a pal, vote for this gal .

Bringing back hope.

Building a Road to Tomorrow.

Called to Greatness.

Cast your ballot, have you heard? (Name) for student council secretary, spread the word!

Cast your ballot, have you heard? (Name) for student president, spread the word!

Champion of the people.

Change for the better.

Chews (Name) for student council president! (Put gum packages and bubbles on your poster)

Coming Soon to a class room near you.

Count on someone who can count, (Name) for treasurer.

Courage to act.

Decisions you can trust.

Dependable Leadership.

Discover the Possibilities.

Don’t be a loser, be a chooser.

Don’t Be Hesitant. Vote (Name) For President.

Don’t be shy, Give (Name) a try.

Don’t gloat, put in your vote. Vote for (Name)!

Don’t throw your vote away, vote for (Name) today!

Don’t vote for them they don’t know what to do. Vote for me and I’ll MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

Dream big.

Everyone is someone.

Everyone says, (Name) for Prez.

Excellence personified.

Experienced Leadership.

Faster, Better, Stronger.

Feel like you should have a say? Vote (Name) today!

For Success Choose The Best.

Fostering the people.

Free Drinks on me. (Hang over water fountain)

Friends to all.

Full of good ideas.

Get fresh ideas from a freshman: (Name).

Getting results.

Getting things done.

Gifted Leader.

Giving you the choice.

Go the extra mile vote (Name) for (Position) and I guarantee he`ll/she`ll make you smile.

Going Farther.

Good Choice.

Got (Name)? She does a student body good.

Great ideas.

Growing. Serving.

Heading in the right direction.

Help me Fight.

Here to Serve you.

Hometown pride.

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