Student Class President Slogans

Student Class President slogans

[Name] for reform. [Name] for action.

[Name] is the right choice, go ahead, raise your voice!

[Name] One Name, One legend.

[Name] stands for excellence.

[Name] The Best, Forget the Rest.

[Name]. Because you’re worth it.

A person that cares.

a stand! The results will be grand!

A student for solutions.

A vote for [Name] is a vote for the better.

A vote for me means success for us all.

A vote works wonders. Vote for [Name].

And I just can’t wait to be king! Vote [Name] for president.

Be a pal, vote for this gal.

Because life is too short to have a bad student government. Vote [Name].

Bringing back hope.

Building a Road to Tomorrow.

Called to Greatness.

Catalyst for change.

Champion of the people.

Change for the better.

Choose [Name], get some action.

Coming Soon to a class room near you.

Courage to act.

Dependable Leadership.

Discover the Possibilities.

Don’t be a loser, be a chooser.

Don’t Be Hesitant. Vote [Name] For President.

Don’t be shy, Give [Name] a try.

Don’t throw your vote away, vote for [Name] today!

Don’t be Fake, Vote for [Name].

Dream big.

Elect a born leader. Elect [Name].

Everyone is someone.

Everyone says, “Elect [Name] for President.

Excellence personified.

Experienced Leadership.

Faster, Better, Stronger.

Feel like you should have a say? Vote [Name] today!

For Success Choose The Best

Free Drinks on me. [Hang Over Fountain]

Get fresh ideas from a freshman: [Name].

Get success, choose the best. Vote [Name].

Getting results.

Give this school a change.

Giving you the choice.

Good Choice.

Got [Name].

Help me Fight.

Helping the world since 2003.

Here to Serve you.

I am not asking to Vote for me, just check the box next to my name.

I can do it, you can help. [Name].

I care. Vote [Name].

I don’t just speak the change I make the change.

I give good government.

I’ll do my best so don’t vote for the rest.

I’m not your President until you elect me. Vote [Name].

I’m the best thing since sliced bread!

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