Student Class President Slogans

[Name] for reform. [Name] for action.

[Name] is the right choice, go ahead, raise your voice!

[Name] One Name, One legend.

[Name] stands for excellence.

[Name] The Best, Forget the Rest.

[Name]. Because you’re worth it.

A person that cares.

a stand! The results will be grand!

A student for solutions.

A vote for [Name] is a vote for the better.

A vote for me means success for us all.

A vote works wonders. Vote for [Name].

And I just can’t wait to be king! Vote [Name] for president.

Be a pal, vote for this gal.

Because life is too short to have a bad student government. Vote [Name].

Bringing back hope.

Building a Road to Tomorrow.

Called to Greatness.

Catalyst for change.

Champion of the people.

Change for the better.

Choose [Name], get some action.

Coming Soon to a class room near you.

Courage to act.

Dependable Leadership.

Discover the Possibilities.

Don’t be a loser, be a chooser.

Don’t Be Hesitant. Vote [Name] For President.

Don’t be shy, Give [Name] a try.

Don’t throw your vote away, vote for [Name] today!

Don’t be Fake, Vote for [Name].

Dream big.

Elect a born leader. Elect [Name].

Everyone is someone.

Everyone says, “Elect [Name] for President.

Excellence personified.

Experienced Leadership.

Faster, Better, Stronger.

Feel like you should have a say? Vote [Name] today!

For Success Choose The Best

Free Drinks on me. [Hang Over Fountain]

Get fresh ideas from a freshman: [Name].

Get success, choose the best. Vote [Name].

Getting results.

Give this school a change.

Giving you the choice.

Good Choice.

Got [Name].

Help me Fight.

Helping the world since 2003.

Here to Serve you.

I am not asking to Vote for me, just check the box next to my name.

I can do it, you can help. [Name].

I care. Vote [Name].

I don’t just speak the change I make the change.

I give good government.

I’ll do my best so don’t vote for the rest.

I’m not your President until you elect me. Vote [Name].

I’m the best thing since sliced bread!

If voting for me is Wrong, then you don’t want to be Right!

Imagine something better.

Improve your school. Pick [Name] for President.

Infinite possibilities.

Invest your vote with me and reap the rewards of leadership.

It’s not YOUR fault it’s Your vote!

Its time for a change.

Justice for all.

Keep moving forward.

Keep on Keeping on.

Keeping it real.

Keeping your ideas in mind.

Let me Serve You!

Like a good neighbor [Name] is there.

Make no Mistake, Vote for [Name].

Make someone happy. Vote for [Name].

Make your vote count because I know I can lead this class.

Making the world a better place since [Birthday].

Many people agree, Vote [Name] for VP.

No need to sweat, Vote for someone you won’t regret, vote [Name].

Open your mind. Improve your school. Vote [Name].

Our destiny awaits.

Pardon Me. Can You Spare a Vote? [Name]

Pay it forward.

Peace through strength.

Popularity or brains… it’s a no-brainer… Vote [Name].

Purpose driven leadership.

Putting a plan in action to assure your satisfaction.

Qualities of Greatness.

Ready to Lead.

Safety First.

Seeing the big picture.

Service with a Smile.

Stranger to no one.

Strike Gold.

Take A Vote for Me is a Vote for You, Vote [Name] to Represent You!

Take the plunge.

The dream lives on.

The girl with the SMILE will go the extra MILE!

The people’s president.

The power of ideas.

The road to victory.

Trusted by everyone.

Try it. You might like it.

Two, four, six, eight! Vote for [Name], don’t be late.

Unspeakable greatness.

Very good leadership.

Vote [Name] to represent you.

Vote For [Name] – Common Sense For An Uncommon Time!

Vote for [Name], he’s the one, give him your votes, he’ll get things done.

Vote for [Name], the man with a plan

Vote for a fresh start on student council! Vote [Name].

Vote for Home. Vote for [Name].

Vote for leadership. Vote for [Name].

Vote for Me is a Vote for you. I win – You win.

Vote for the best so you won’t be stressed.

Vote smart. Elect [Name] for Student Body President.

Want life to go your way? Vote [Name] today!

When put to the test, I will be the best.

Will go the extra mile to make you smile.

You change your underwear, now change your school!

You’ve seen the best now choose the best, vote for [Name].

You’ll Flip for [Name].

YOUR voice is MY voice. Vote for [Name].

YOUR voice. YOUR choice. Vote [Name] today.

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