School Uniform Slogans

United for your school

Wear your pride

Show off your alma mater.

Because your uniform matters 

Because school uniforms matter.

Dress for success

Dress to win

Not so dull

stripes and Chequered

Only for the intellectuals!

Over here, Smartypants!

A better fit for your work

Wear a good fit to have a better day

We got your stitches

Chequered and Stripes

Because you love your uniform

Love your uniform, love your school

Better than the rest

Wear your success

Let the others talk.

Make the others talk.

Make them talk

Because we care.

Feel good, work better

Feel good, live good

Because you will love us

Love what you wear; wear what you love 

Turn heads

Make all heads turn

Strive for excellence

Aspire for excellence

Work hard now, enjoy life later.

Style statement

Wear with style

Wear your attitude

Because you inspire us.

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