Japan Tobacco Brands Taglines

Caster (cigarette)

Taste better than Casters.

I'm me, this tastes like.

Club (cigarette)

Kensitas - that's good!

Our Belief, the Finest Leaf.

As good as really good cigarettes can be.

Export (cigarette)

Go Your Own Way.

Be different.

Hope (cigarette)

A new cigarette that made use of your dreams.

Persistent from the core.



Choose! It was fun! (Japan)

The largest-selling luxury cigarette.

Enjoy the great Hope freshness.  (Philippines)

Mayfair (cigarette)

Tagline: A good smoke at a fair price.


Advertising Slogan: The blue world of mild seven.

More (cigarette)

Tagline: Dare to be More.

Senior Service (cigarette)

Tagline: Senior Service Satisfy.

Seven Stars (cigarette)

Seven Stars slogan

Silent Man.

Silent Smoke.

Seven Stars Men.

Quietly and expanding.

Menthol tasteable.

Strong, menthol strong.

Japan Tobacco Inc. , abbreviated JT, is a cigarette manufacturing company.

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