Slogans On Teddy Bear

Without teddy the life is empty

A cute teddy bear is all you need

Love teddy, love the bear

A friend in need is a teddy bear indeed

Keep calm and love teddy bear

Let teddy bear be the reason for your day

Cuddle the bear all you want

Teddy for life

Open your heart to your teddy

Teddy bears don’t bite

Say no to teddy bear sharing

Make every day your teddy day

Teddy bear is the perfect paradise

A cute teddy for a cute friend

Love your teddy, like bear loves honey

Gift a teddy, grab the heart

All you is need is a nap under the shady tree

No sharing for the teddy bear

Teddy bear: Your child’s perfect companion

Teddy bear: the beginning of true love

Let’s celebrate a teddy day

A teddy bear for the sweetheart

Teddy bear: The perfect reason for a happy smile

Let’s love each other very much!

Make a teddy bear the perfect companion for your joy

Sweet as sugar, cute as a teddy bear

Let me be your teddy bear

Happy teddy bear day

Enjoy teddy, enjoy life

All you need is a bear hug

Flower for a girl, teddy for a child

Teddy bear: The perfect hugging material

Teddy bear: the softest thing ever

Love teddy, be yourself

There’s no age to play with teddy bear

Crazy for a bear hug

The perfect gift for the perfect friend

Stuffed with cuteness

Never get over your teddy

The never boring toy

Children or Adult: Teddy is for everyone

Teddy bear: The symbol of friendship

Love teddy, sleep, repeat

warm, sweet, cuddly

Never old for a teddy bear

Teddy bear for every age

The toy, everyone loves

Wish people happy with a teddy bear

Teddy bear: The messenger of happiness

Love teddy, love life

No beer, only teddy bear

The perfect gift for the most important person in life

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