Performance Appraisal Slogans And Taglines

Keep doing great as you are doing every day 

Work together and maintain co-ordination

Everyone goes down at a point but who can turn over is a true employee

Together, everything is possible in life

Together, we are strong enough

Be bold, be active, and be positive

Everyone faces criticism but a real employee takes it as a compliment 

Be always on time for meeting and conference 

Never deny helping your co-workers

A group is always stronger than a single person

Communication and work should be effectively done

Politeness is the main weapon of an employee

Discipline always produce a productive employee

Do best among co-workers and take your reward

We never accept cheaters and lazy employee

Starting from the bottom and now we are here

Never exploit your hard work but we reward 

Always be good to us and we are always there for you 

Satisfied with your work but we can be the best

Your today’s performance is appreciated and hope for continuity 

Thanks for everything you have done for us 

We never get when all work together 

We never get down when you are with us

We are the best company in our country, all credit goes to you

Always hope your great performance 

Cheer’s to your performance 

Shout out because you are the best 

We all can do it together

Your morality and attitude take you down

Good performance at telephone services 

Be positive and be sound, we are hoping for your best 

Health is wealth, dedication in life

Encourage your co-workers to give a great performance

Never hesitate to help your co-workers 

Always encourages to a customer who is morally down

Our company needs an employee like you 

Discipline must be there where you are

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