Headphone Taglines

Headphones that make you forget everything around

The new experience is here

All you need is a pair of headphones

Let the treble speak

Listen to the beat of the amazing rhythm

Do not settle for average

Feel the bass. Feel it right

Play your mood

Headphones are so good, you will not want to take them off

You bring music, we bring quality

We know the right way to please you

The bass perfectionist 

The quality perfectionist

Leaving home without headphones would be a mistake

Rock your day with the sound clarity

Rock and roll a bit harder

Listening to music as you should

More than just wires

Good quality, quality engineering

What does sound feel like?

Headphones that make music sound like a celebration

Groove to the sound quality

Bringing happiness and music to life

Drift away with the music

Feel the highs and lows with headphones

Making listening to music a grand experience

The perfect companion to good music

Feel it like your pulse

Make music a pleasant experience

Live music while you listen to it

Live smart. Hear smart

Play your mood. Live your mood 

Feel the frequency 

You bring the music, we bring the quality 

Sending out good vibrations only! 

Jam out all you want

The sound just feels right

We are in sync with your music needs

Move with the beat

Headphones worth your money

Listen to music in a grand way

Put your headphones on and shut the world out

The sound of the streets

Good music is here. Where are you?

You are never too old for good music

Music starts speaking right here

Move closer to the beats

Where music meets quality 

Keep raving with the sound quality

Overdose on music. Overdose on quality

Good headphones are a necessity

Good times are all about good music with quality

Make music listening to a magical experience 

Make music a better experience 

More than just a headphone 

Get the right gadget for your music

Music with a new feeling

Music. Experience. Memories

You want it, don’t you?

Drop the beat down!

Listen to what the music says

Keep your ears safe and music loud 

Let music make your day 

There goes the bass

Spark up your passion with good music quality

Good music is a just a plug away

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