Efficiency Slogans And Sayings

Try to do everything yourself

Don’t delay the process of reading to learn

Make your habit of learning to read to reading to learn

It is not the purpose of the universe to get things done quickly

Time is what you live in

You are not wasting your time, you are wasting your life

Big is not always beautiful; big is inefficient

Cleaner clothes and efficiency strived, jet power driven

Don’t be busy, be productive

Don’t equate activity with efficiency

Effectiveness is deciding what to do better

Efficiency is the foundation of success

Let your success speak

Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose

Efficiency and focus are the keys to success

Efficiency at its best

Keep your focus at peak

Efficiency for our patients

Efficiency in motion

Neither technology nor efficiency can acquire time for you

Never stand when you can sit

There is nothing to bring your time back

Strolling the virtues of conservation of energy

Always keep some alternatives at your hand

A wise and skilful choice acts from a sincere effort

Solutions and results come from cooperation 

Hard work and efficiency

When hard work meets efficiency, then comes success

Match your high intention with flexibility

Patient heart and proficient action gets the best quality and value

Don’t discuss your effort prove them

Nothing says work efficiency like panic mode

Face the obstacle, don’t fall in depression

Reverse the problem and take a glance at it

You should be determined for your work to get success

Determination is the first step of the ladder to show the efficiency

Good tradecraft keeps espionage routine and boring

Efficiency is the enemy of fun

Efficiency is anything that scores

Efficiency is always doing better

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