Tea brands slogans

Lipton tea


Be more tea.

Drink positive.

Lipton. Tea can do that.

Drink better - live better.

The brisk tea.

Lipton's gets into more hot water than anything.

Lipton White Tea

The rarest of China's rare teas.

Tylos tea

Tylos tea… it's a part of your life.

Ten Ren's tea Taiwan

Ten Ren's. Tea time.

Tetley tea

That’s better. That’s Tetley.

Make time, make Tetley.

Sometimes you just need a Tetley.

Everyone's cup of tea.

A cup of Tetley and you’re ready for anything!

Bushells tea Australia

Our cuppa since 1883.

Our tea, our way.

Bringing Australians together.

Is it as good as Bushells?

Billy Tea Australia

The choice of your dad’s dad’s dad.

Typhoo brand of tea in the United Kingdom

Two-thumbs fresh.

Typhoo. Join the tea-set.

The better way to wake up.

Get back your "oo" with Typhoo.

You only get an OO with Typhoo.

Typhoo puts the T in Britain.

Bell tea New Zealand

Works wonders.

Zealong tea New Zealand

100% pure New Zealand tea.

Nambarrie tea

Nambarrie. Nice and strong.

Ahmad tea

Ahmad. The world's most exclusive tea.

Tea Forte gourmet whole leaf teas

The exceptional tea experience.

Tazo teas

Tazo. Artfully blended.

It begins with tea.

Rooibee Red Tea bottled tea

Wellbeing in a bottle.

Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub (bush) native to East Asia.

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