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Slogans for Carbonated Drinks

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Sprite, carbonated soft drink

Sprite slogan.png

Advertising slogan: Sprite. Obey Your Thirst.

Mountain Dew, carbonated drink

Mountain Dew.png

Motto: Do the Dew.

Shloer, sparkling fruit drinks

Ad slogan: Shloer. The Grown-Up soft drink.

Sierra Mist carbonated soft drink

Advertising slogan: It's that refreshing.


Fanta slogan.png

Tagline: Drink Fanta, stay Bamboocha.

7 Up lemonade

Marketing slogan: 7-Up. Now 100% Natural.

Diet Coke (also called Coca-Cola light in some countries)

Create your own Diet Coke break.

Light it up!

Pepsi Max, a low-calorie, sugar-free cola

Advertising slogan: Max your life.

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