Formal Clothes Brand Marketing Slogans

Suit Up, Sit Up!

Every crease matters.

Formally Yours.

Stitched with perfection.

Every cloth has a story.

Suited to your preferences.

Tailor made only for you.

Just Iron it.

Wear it with Prestige.

Helps you look better.

Styled for your taste.

Looks better only on you.

Feels like skin.

Your boss likes it too.

Act like a Man, wear like a gentleman.

Exploring styles.

For your comfort.

Hand-stitched with love.

From our trial rooms to your bed room.

Helps to express yourself better.

Finely designed for you.

Every thread matters.

Each cloth has a story.

Your choice, is always an exception.

They only suit on you.

Never makes you look worn out.

Adds class to your style.

Makes you stand apart.

Formals never looked this good.

Find your inner boss.

Challenge your style quotient.

A sign of prestige.

Feel styled and comfortable too.

Redefining you.

Your mirror likes it too.

Always suits.

Wear to ignite and inspire.

Never out of order.

Meant for your comfort.

Stitched with the best needles.

Needled for perfection.

Will make you buy again.

Indulge in luxury.

Think Formals. Think about us.

Go sweet on yourself.

Only for the privileged.

Why compromise with style?

Never lower your clothing standards.

Stately dignified.

Garment for your betterment.

Makes you look fine.

Every tailor’s recommendation.

From suit maker to the customer.

Clothing made elegant.

Classy, Simple!

Leaves a mark wherever you go.

Create a Statement.

Our tailors love it too.

Every dressmaker’s choice.

Cutting to fit.

From the yarns to your cupboard.

Made with cotton and love.

Wear it to your next meeting.

Apparel for you only.

Laundry it to your content.

Your washing machine will want it too.

Adds charm to your look.

Wear it or wear it!

Why compromise on standards?

Fashion now made even more simpler.

You won’t regret getting one.

Choose style, choose us.

Your highway to runaway.

First impression has to be the best.

Tie it to make it.

Carry yourself with elegance.

Class or Classy?

Buy clothes, buy standard.

You might ask for one more.

You prefer the best clothing?

Clothing on us.

Reeks of the style you’ve always dreamt of.

Up your style quotient.

The brand that makes the world go classy.

Made to impress.

The suits that fit everyone.

Suiting up to everyone’s tastes.

Fall in love with dresses that inspire.

Create the perfect first impact.

The new iconic is in town.

Walk in with style.

Fits well to all occasions.

Here to give you your finest suits.

Like it or Love it!

One is never enough.

This never goes out of trend.

Setting up, Styling Up!

Be a trendsetter!

Makes you look like a model!

Be your own trendsetter.

Great people, great clothes.

Your gateway to paradise.

Comfort never sounded this simple!

You will get addicted to this.

Change or raise your style!

Only meant for fashion lovers.

Blaze it up!

Helps you reflect yourself better.

Trending always.

Buy it or Regret it!

Needled to be loved by you.

Perfection runs in our threads.

Fashion definitely starts with us.

You wore it because you can.

You make it look even better.

Rise. Wear. Slay.

Is it too formal?

Don’t forget to be amazing today!

You add sparkle to our clothes!

Bring it on!

Helping you look sensible.

Helps you raise the bar.

Flavored, Colored for your Style quotient.

Colors vibrant as your life.

Makes you look famous.

Helps you crack the deal.

You are a label.

Meetings are no more boring.

Go check the mirror with this on.

Who doesn’t love a makeover?

The runaway is just for you.

Perfect Style.

Wear it your office only.

You won’t stop wearing.

Aroused or in need of a trouser?

Bling it on!

Skirts to Blazers, we serve all.

Creates a different aura.

Wear right. Vibe right.

As charming as your smile.

Catches everybody’s eyes.

Look up, Style Up.

Hand-picked to suit you.

Tailor Made with the help of maids.

Cotton or silk, you might never guess.

Cotton only.

We serve only quality.

Each product serves the maximum.

Clothes that look almost like you.

Wear Simple. Think Great.

Remain in style.

You and Us, Forever.

These clothes are not going anywhere.

Leave it on us.

The rest was on clothes.

Stories are created by wearing good.

Nobody knows someone who hasn’t tried us.

Speak it up or Style it up!

The bar has been set.

By us, for you.

With clothes or without us?

Soar High, with us.

The Red Carpet is waiting for you.


Look there is a camera already behind.

Perfection redefined.

Measurements to be noted.

Comfortable in all seasons.

Shine with us.

Classic Attire.

Heard you need some Formals?

Hued and Stitched.

The handloom waves to you.

Fashionable from inside too.

Go Ahead, what’s stopping you?

Even the salesman needs it too.

Isn’t it time to get a new one?

Affordable Fashion!

You make fashion look so simple.

Makes you shine in the crowd.

Build up a pleasing personality.

Your wardrobe needs a makeover too.

Needles to say, you will buy it.

Washed gently, so wear it only in your Bentley!

Wear it Pair it!

Smart Clothing, High thinking.

Because you have a great taste.

Influential People, wear good.

Count on us anytime.

Build your empire.

A King always goes for the best.

You are wearing it for a reason.

Buy it before someone else does.

Why haven’t you tried it yet?

What’s stopping you from looking good?

Wear your standards.

Made by the most efficient tailors.

Here comes the new talk of the town.

Get them gazing.

Walk with royalty.

Material you will remember.

Love is in the clothes.

Setting you up for your next meeting.

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