Bedsheet Slogans and Taglines

Bedsheets you are going to enjoy

The ultimate pleasure of sleeping

Enjoy your bedtime like never before

Come to bed, enjoy your sleep

Smooth as silk

Make with quality materials

You know when it is bedtime

Going to bed has just become easier

You can enjoy it too

Sleeping has never been fun

Feel the material, it’s just cotton

No synthetic materials used

Our bedsheet a night keeps the bugs away

East or West, our bedsheet is the best

Keep calm and enjoy your sleep

Sleeping has never been fun before

Just lye and feel better

Letting all your lethargy getaway

Use your head, buy our bed sheets

We know what’s look great in bed

One bedcover to rule them all

Now, you don’t have to wait for a bed

Connecting souls with their beds

We are into the business of bedsheets

Because healthy sleep matters

It all comes down to better sleep

Bedsheet for a better world

A quality bedsheet for the busy world

The piece of comfort you can always enjoy

Affordable as ever

Where comfortability meets affordability

Enjoy luxurious bedsheets at a comfortable price

You can’t put a price on our quality of comfort

Sleep well, live better

Get superior sleep at an incredible price

Get a new flavor of bed every day

Sleep well, walk up with a lot of energy

Eat, sleep, repeat

Your bedsheet is your new mistress

The best deal for the good nights to come

Get a good night sleep at an affordable price

You can do it too

Better quality sleep at a nominal price

Rest assured, we have got your bedsheets

The perfect reason to sleep

Sleep more at a lesser cost

Available in different colors and sizes

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